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HUD Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hocker & Associates LLC Title ID for a HUD transaction?

Q: Where do I send my buyer select closing agent form to be signed?
A: Your form can be sent to Brandi Bales at [email protected] for a signature.

Q: How long does it take for someone to sign and return my buyer select closing agent form?
A: Brandi Bales typically returns your form within 5-10 minutes of receipt. If you do not receive a reply that quickly, please call her at 317-578-1630 ext. 10 to verify that she received the form.

Q: How do I know that HUD sent you the executed contract?
A: You may verify that we have received the executed contract by emailing [email protected] or contacting LeaAnn Grady at 317-578-1630 ext. 20.

Q: How will I know that my file is ready to be scheduled?
A: You will receive an email from our office once the file is ready to be scheduled for closing.

Q: How fast can we close?
A: Cash transactions typically close 17-20 calendar days from the day that we receive the contract. Lender closings are scheduled once the lender has provided a clear to close letter.

Q: Who do I contact to schedule my file for closing?
A: Please contact Brandi Bales at [email protected] to schedule your file for closing.

Q: Where will my closing take place?
A: Hocker & Associates LLC has multiple office locations. You may choose the location that is most convenient for the parties involved in the transaction.

Q: What if my buyer cannot attend closing. Can we do a mail away closing on a HUD transaction?
A: HUD does not allow mail away closings when they are the seller. The buyer can appoint an individual to be a POA for the transaction. Hocker & Associates LLC will prepare a POA at no charge.

Q: Does HUD pay for the buyer’s Owner’s Policy of title insurance?
A: No, HUD does not pay for the Owner’s Policy of title insurance. If the contract was accepted with HUD paying closing costs for the buyer those funds can be used towards the Owner’s Policy.

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