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Simply put, we are different. Hocker partners with realtors to help grow your business. We pull from a vast resource bank designed by real estate experts and personalize a coaching experience to help you take your business to the next level. The best part? It’s FREE. By working with Hocker Title you will be better informed, better understood and you and your clients will be treated with a first rate customer experience. Quick, easy and accurate.

Contact Eric Downing at (765) 621-3991 or eric.downing@hockerlaw.com for more information.

Contact Eric Downing at
(765) 621-3991 or eric.downing@hockerlaw.com for more information.

Concierge Services

Premier service for YOUR experience.

Our goal is to make your experience at Hocker Title one you’ll never forget!
We are pleased to announce our new concierge service program free to our clients. All buyers closing at one of our three office locations have access as a thank you for being a loyal client of Hocker Title.

Your Concierge Benefits:

Moving Planner Booklet
Dedicated time with Concierge
Provide Recommendations
Special Offers at Local Businesses
Provide Moving Boxes (limited)
General Moving Prep Information
Offer Peace of Mind

“To provide a unique, unforgettable and tailored real estate closing experience unrivaled in the otherwise transactional title industry. Your Fresh Start is more than our motto, it is our mission!”
Eric Downing

Operations Manager

Concierge Hours:

Monday – Friday
*During normal business hours

Go the extra MILE…it’s not crowded. Provide a superior pro-active service tailored to each client, recognizing their needs and offering solutions, to save time and begin creating new memories as thy continue their journey.”

Kelly Booth

Client Development Concierge

“We like everyone to experience a little luxury in life – our concierge service allows us to provide just that”
Janet Hocker