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If you’re a vacation rental owner, or plan to buy a vacation home soon, occupancy rates are likely your biggest concern. To guarantee you get the business you’re looking for requires making your property stand out. When considering this, the most important question you can ask yourself is, “Would I want to spend a vacation in my property?” Is it comfortable, appealing, and most importantly, does its cleanliness meet COVID-19 standards? People can tell if you’re cutting corners and trying to get by with a minimal investment. Remember, a vacation rental property must be attractive to prospective renters and make guests want to come back for more. Consider these tips for providing them a vacation home they’ll remember fondly.

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Understanding initial steps to start your business

There are a few important steps to consider when getting your business off the ground. One of those is LLC registration. Not only does that afford you the ability to keep financial records separate and add flexible tax options, you also gain personal liability protection! Another crucial step is researching the market you will rent in and work with a real estate team that can keep their eyes out for the best properties.

Keep it spick and span

Nothing discourages vacationers quite like walking into a property that looks dingy and smells and feels dirty. Your rental absolutely needs to be thoroughly cleaned between guests. That means scrubbing the bathtub and toilet, deep-cleaning the carpeting, and providing fresh new linens in each guest room with sheets and towels that have been cleaned and bleached.

Cobwebs on the ceiling fans and in the corners may seem harmless, but they’re an indication that the property hasn’t been professionally cleaned, something a discriminating renter won’t fail to notice. Anything less is a disservice to your customers and it’s unsanitary, an unacceptable situation for renters who save money for months to afford a nice vacation for their families.

If you’re unable to stay on top of the situation with your property, your best bet is to work with a property management agency. This ensures your property is clean for the next guests, and they’ll handle any maintenance that’s needed.

Accentuate key features

Vacation rental investors like to buy property near the ocean, on a lake, in the mountains or near a beautifully forested area because you have a built-in advantage when it comes to attracting renters. A website showing spectacular views from a deck or patio is an awesome selling point, so accentuate the natural surroundings that attracted you to the property in the first place. A deck with a jacuzzi or hot tub and gas grill is just the kind of scene that appeals to vacationers looking for a relaxing and memorable getaway. Consider it an investment in a property that offers tremendous natural appeal.

Provide entertainment

Guests love a vacation getaway that feels like home. They also like a rental that combines convenience and luxury, so invest in a decent-sized flat screen. If space is an issue, have it mounted on the wall so guests can watch television comfortably from their bed and enjoy a little privacy between vacation activities. Conceal cable wires inside the walls to ensure a seamless, uncluttered appearance, and provide a streaming device so your guests can stream Netflix, or opt for a smart TV instead.

Simple conveniences

You can score big points with renters by providing amenities and conveniences that make their stay a little easier and more pleasant. It’s pleasing to walk into a vacation rental that has a hairdryer in each bathroom, an iron and ironing board, extra electrical cords and lots of toiletries (e.g., cotton balls, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.). People appreciate not having to run out to stock up on simple necessities when they should be enjoying their vacation time. Just make sure the toiletries are brand new and unopened for sanitation purposes.

The vacation rental market is a lucrative one—even now that more people are looking to change up their lockdown environment. But your ability to maintain profitability depends largely on your ability to give renters what they want. To provide the ultimate experience, your property should look and feel luxurious and offer the comforts and conveniences of a home away from home.

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